An Ending to a Beginning

by Justin Sparrow

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released November 12, 2013

Composition, Guitars, and Vocals by Justin Sparrow
Recording & Production by Noah Sias



all rights reserved


Justin Sparrow Muskegon, Michigan

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Track Name: A Great Divide
A new view is forming
Something unattainable
The world is changing
This world is new

When the tide comes
New shapes are born
Eroding the dirt
And left deformed

The gathering storm
That cannot be seen
A powerful force
Destroying within

The stone becomes worn
Underneath the bone
Nowhere is the sun
The air is cold

I'm drowning in this
Pointless existence
It's hard to breath
It's hard to see

Cathartic decay
Wasting a life
Overt display
Burning away
Track Name: Believe in Nothing
Believe in nothing

Have no goals
No ambition
Suffer endlessly
Stagnant life in decay

When the day is done
What will I have built?
The setting of the sun
Leaving empty thoughts to rot

Sinking deeper
Licking paper cloth
Eat it off the floor
You can't wash this off

When the day is done
What will I have built?
The setting of the sun
Leaving empty thoughts to rot

Nothing is real

I had the perfect plan
Taking everything I had
I'd leave my life behind
And start new again

That wasn't how it happened
I tried to figure you out
The person that I wanted to be
Couldn't keep the other one out

Split the mind
With diethylamide
Obsessive insight
Focused inside

Treating the symptoms
Starving the cause
Bleeding the body
Believe in nothing
Track Name: Bright Side
Losing time
I've been wandering
Seeing signs
Life is closing in

We must go forward
Without reason
We will never lose
Hope for our future
We don't know anything else

When you're out of it
You're out of step
You're moving slow
Your weakness shows

Your view is clouded
We've left you on your own

This is overwhelming me
The things that they can't see
I'm not standing on my feet
The pieces are missing

I deserve this
It's all we know
Soon, I'll be too old
To form my foundation
A man without a home

I have nothing of my own
I will reap what I have sown

I have to survive this by myself
No one is strong enough to help
Track Name: Starve
I feel the hunger pains
I haven't eaten in seven days
This food will leave a bitter taste

One day the sun will rise
And we won't be alive
Regret the day I died
When you left me hungry

Don't question it
Whatever happens is right
You have no choices
There's no end in sight

All paths lead to this
The past is future existence
I don't deserve anything
So everything is the same

This is how it had to be
It couldn't have been any other way
Surviving the day is hard
When you know that you're going to starve

At least you tried
Punish yourself and silence the mind
I don't deserve anything
So everything will stay the same