Split EP with Noah Sias

by Justin Sparrow

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[tESs] Do a Bandcamp search. If you dig what you hear off this release, look up "iamnotaperson" and check out what's to come this year from Justin Sparrow's brand new concept. Favorite track: Feast or Famine.
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released December 26, 2011


tags: metal Muskegon


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Justin Sparrow Muskegon, Michigan

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Track Name: Burning Me
Set to curse a name in stone
I celebrate my death
A lost perspective, nothing left

So I
Burn my effigy
To end dichotomy
That was within me
(That was within me)

I've lived many lives
I've made a living from a lie
Truth rests inside my mind
Until I die

I know who I am
And what we are
The parasite that leaves the host to starve

I ask too much
From people I don't trust
In life, I find
Mistakes to hide behind

They took away your humanity
Leaving us for society
A choice I made early in life
To watch the world just drift away

No joy for me
It wasn't meant to be

Scratching the surface
Trying to find
Some form of meaning
For me to pretend

I am empty
Disillusioned by our creed
Our highest purpose
To destroy and to breed
Track Name: Feast or Famine
Earth is

For the

Of Thirst

New life
The world
Is cursed

When our home is swallowed whole
And we have nowhere to go
When the sun is glowing red
Three eclipses 'till we're dead

It's feast or famine
A struggle from within
We have the knowledge
To build the world again

Will we survive
A worldwide genocide
Or will we die
And leave it all behind

When we are gone
We will know we were wrong
Our time will come
The reckoning of us

The human timeline
The blink of an eye
A world we wasted
Our slow suicide

But when
The universe expires
Who would admire our accomplishments
When we turn to dust

The absence of existence
With appetite for all

Membranes pulsing
Create the universe
An endless cycle

We are unneeded
Like we never existed

Expands everlasting
The end of everything
Comes slow and quiet

This experiment will end
With no memory, in obscurity
Swallowed by the beast
Track Name: Rivers
I am the mutation cell
I am the variable
This is inevitable
Changing on a cellular level

Accept the future now
Embrace the futility
Listening for the sound
Of life slipping away

Start as one
They multiply
A cancer grows

The doctors try
To find
A way through

Fuck, I'm dead
Soon it will end
So now
Life begins with

Renewed sense
Of oneself
Innate drive
To feast on life

I bathe in sin
I relish every selfish moment I can
For my time is limited
Our time is limited

The truth will be known
About the rivers through which our consciousness flows
The power of the mind
To make us see so much before we die

We always question purpose
Seeking out our place
Our presence is fleeting
Our species is replaced

With this fact in mind
It's important to remember
That a human lifetime
Is meant to teach you nothing

Waiting for the moment to shine
And then I died